Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary group with more than 20 years of experience in Mental Health. We are known for being innovative, committed and pioneers in promoting the use of technologies to improve mental health. Our motivation is to provide integral solutions to people and organizations, which will result in a positive impact on their quality of life.

Dra. Claudia Barrera
CEO & Founder

Passionate about improving people's lives by creating health and wellness solutions.

Rodrigo Troncoso
CIO & Founder
Civil Engineer

Leads technological and digital projects, with a clear focus on people's quality of life.

Dra. Claudia Cid
Director of Innovation

Aware of the needs of the national health sector and a promoter of policies focused on improving its functionality.

Marcela Díaz
Project Manager

Sees technology as a means to make people happier, especially when it comes to Mental Health.

Daniel Palomera
Artificial Intelligence Leader
Software Engineer

Has the ability to make appliances learn to speak. If something does not exist, it can be programmed.

Dra. Erika Troncoso
Technical Advisor

Enhances the care given to people and spreads the word about the importance of Mental Health care.

Antonio Villalba
Technical Advisor

Expert in the training of the human brain and has done research and rehabilitation from different parts of the world.

Andrea Faúndez
Data Scientist
Civil Engineer

Facilitator of new uses for Artificial Intelligence. Solves real problems, using data and digital science.

Sigrid Maldonado
Commercial Engineer
Head of Sales

Ensures the profitability of health technology projects to bring them closer to the entire population, making them grow and last.

Catalina Varela
Head of Expansion
Commercial Engineer

Focused on making our vision a reality, achieving the internationalization of Mhaite, bringing wellness and mental health closer to the world.

Trinidad Rufin
Digital Marketing Manager

Brings closeness and reliability through communication and understanding, generating an authentic brand personality.

Karina Barraza
Creative Designer
Graphic Designer

Brings each project to life through their imagination and design, creating unique and memorable concepts.

Juan Pablo Troncoso
Screenwritter & Actor

Brings each character and image to life through their creativity and expertise as a scriptwriter.

Sebastián Espinoza
Software Developer
Software Engineer

Provides value and personality to the chatbots through Artificial Intelligence and programming.

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