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¿Do you tend to get nervous at the worst moments?

It is possible that we find it difficult to speak in public, maybe tremble in the face of a challenge that seems unapproachable to us or that our nerves play against us when we want to perform at our best. If so, these tips will help you.

Tips para dormir mejor

¿How can I improve my sleep habits?

Almost a third of our life is spent sleeping. Or, at least, this is how it should be to feel restful and that our day is healthy and productive. Let’s follow these recommendations to sleep better and improve your sleep habits.

Consejos para el aburrimiento

¿How to leave boredom behind?

There are many factors that can influence us to start feeling bored and disinterested. Some of them may be linked to routine and the lack of challenges, however, they can also be the best opportunity to develop your creativity.

Tips para la angustia

¿How to deal with distress?

When distress becomes very often in our routine and daily life, it is important to follow these recommendations as a starting point.

Pautas de autoayuda

¿What to do when you feel misunderstood

Feeling misunderstood can lead to complex emotional situations, isolating us from others or fueling negative feelings. To mitigate this problem, let’s follow these tips.

Consejos frustración

¿How to deal with frustration?

Frustration is normal in certain situations and is associated with anger and disappointment. However, sometimes it can make us feel overwhelmed. If that happens, follow these recommendations.

Como despreocuparse

Tips to deal with excessive worrying

Worrying can be a useful thing to make decisions but, sometimes, worrying falls into excesses that prevent us from solving a problem. How can I deal with that?

Tips para el equilibrio

¿Are you easily angered?

We have some recommendations that will be very useful to work on irritability and diminish that tendency we may have towards easy anger that causes so many problems.

Tips para subir el ánimo

Tips to cheer you up

It is normal that we feel down sometimes, due to multiply factors, so we have some recommendations to cheer you up, when you need some emotional support.

Tips para el estrés

Tips to deal with stress

Stress can be positive if kept at healthy levels, improving our alertness and ability to concentrate. But it can also become a serious health problem if we do not act in time. How can we prevent stress from becoming too intense?

Como controlar nuestros impulsos

Tips for impulse control

We can all improve the aspects of our behavior that can cause us problems. If we are impulsive and tend to act without thinking only to regret it later, it would be a good idea to follow these tips.

Como dormir mejor

Tips to sleep better

Almost a third of our life is spent sleeping. Or, at least, that is how it should be to feel healthy and productive. Follow these recommendations to improve your sleep habits and sleep better.

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